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All Local Residents

Say “NO” to More Traffic and Over Crowded Schools.

The Developer of the Reserve at Alafaya, located on South Alafaya Trail, across from Stoneybrook and Avalon Park, is requesting from Orange County, an increase in the number of apartments from 950 (already too many), to 1,750 (outrageous), and an increase of 100 town homes. The population increase as proposed will add at least an additional 2,400 people and bring 1,400 additional vehicles into the region. This will significantly increase traffic congestion on Alafaya Trail, Innovation Parkway, and make the entrance to Hwy 408 from Alafaya Trail unbearable during commuter hours. These changes negatively impact the lives and lifestyle of us all, Waterford Lakes, Eastwood, Stoneybrook, Timber Springs, and everyone who lives and commutes on Avalon Park Blvd. Something as simple as parking at Publix will be a nightmare.

To make traffic even worse, the developer wants 9 waivers from Orange County Traffic Control Codesto in order to reduce the distance between the new traffic lights to be installed on Alafaya Trail. This will inhibit access into and out of The Reserve at Alafaya development. Traffic will back up between lights that are placed too close together, making your commute longer, more difficult, more costly and more time consuming. Even the easy fast commute to Hwy 528 and the airport via Innovation Parkway will be congested. It is highly likely that, in the near future, the additional 400+ children will be zoned for our already over capacity schools.

The quality of our lives, our community, our A+ rated schools, and our home values are all threatened by these out-of-bounds requests from a developer more concerned with cash than common sense. This petition demands accountability on all levels and courage from the Orange County Commission to turn down the developer’s request to double their already substantial project.

For your own protection and for your neighbors, say “NO MORE TRAFFIC & OVER CROWDED SCHOOLS,” by SIGNING this petition and forwarding it to your neighbors.

We, the undersigned East Orlando residents, strongly urge Jennifer Thompson, Commissioner District #4, and Orange County Board of Commissioners, to DENY ALL PROPOSED CHANGE REQUESTS for The Reserve at Alafaya PD.

Further, Orange County should demand the developer set aside land and build a new school to accommodate these residents and no additional units are constructed until the access for the regional park is secured and the park has been fully developed.

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