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The Convention on Transit Trade of Land-locked States enforced in 9 June 1967, registered as No. 8641 with 27 Signatories, 43 Parties under United Nations Treaty Series, vol. 597, p. 3 clarifies that the landlocked state must have free access to the sea. The transit state is liable to permit its port access and let the landlocked state use its transport to transfer the imported goods. Natural calamity or pandemic are only exceptions to the convention. Please find the excerpt of the convention below.

Recalling article 2 of the Convention on the High Seas which states that the high seas being open to all nations, no State may validly purport to subject any part of them to its sovereignty and article 3 of the said Convention which states;

"l. In order to enjoy the freedom of the seas on equal terms with coastal States, States having no sea-coast should have free access to the sea.

To this end States situated between the sea and a State having no sea-coast shall by common agreement with the latter and in conformity with existing international conventions accord:

(a) To the State having no sea-coast, on a basis of reciprocity, free transit through their territory; and

(b) To ships flying the flag of that State treatment equal to that accorded to their own ships, or to the ships of any other States, as regards access to seaports and the use of such ports.

We, the undersigned, call on the UN, WTO and the government of India to immediately lift the trade embargo imposed on Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal.

Any external interference to influence the independent country of Nepal is not tolerated by Bir Gurkhas.

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