Members of Toronto City Council

Water fluoridation is not needed in all communities. Fluoride is not an essential nutrient, no human has ever died from fluoride deficiency.

97% of western Europe has chosen fluoride-free water (While some European countries add fluoride to salt, the majority do not.) Thus, rather than mandating fluoride treatment for the whole population, western Europe allows individuals the right to choose, or refuse, fluoride. Fluoride is the only chemical added to drinking water for the purpose of medication (to prevent tooth decay). All other treatment chemicals are added to treat the water (to improve the water's quality and safety - which fluoride does not do).

This is one of the reasons why most of Europe has rejected fluoridation. For instance: In Germany, "The argumentation of the Federal Ministry of Health against a general permission of fluoridation of drinking water is the problematic nature of compulsion medication." In Belgium, it is "the fundamental position of the drinking water sector that it is not its task to deliver medicinal treatment to people. This is the sole responsibility of health services." In Luxembourg, "In our views, drinking water isn't the suitable way for medicinal treatment and that people needing an addition of fluoride can decide by their own to use the most appropriate way."

Ingestion of fluoride can have serious risks, and can effect the brain, thyroid gland, bones, kidney patients. Also a high risk of getting bone cancer.

We, the undersigned, represent the people of Ontario an are calling to the Members of Toronto City Council to eliminate the fluoridation in Toronto tap water and in bottle water.

I'm asking you all to sign because fluoridation in water has only risks and few or no benefits, and should never be ingested. This petition will see that fluoridation in Toronto will stop.

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