#Animal Rights
President Abdullah Gül, Ertugrul Gunay, Minister of Culture and Tourism

Today, I watched a very disturbing video that shows how violent your citizens are to the helpless: it shows how the people involved are chaining a wolf from the leg and making the dogs beat, attack, kill him. It is a long and painful video. The wolf is crying for help from another almost dead one and the people are just having fun!

This is disgusting sick and not to be accepted in the EU or any other Country in the world!


*** Very disturbing video now removed from public view***

One Person can make a difference! Please sign this petition and join One person to make this world a better place!

We the undersigned ask you to take action against the people who are responsable for this terrible animal cruelty in your Country! Please investigate this case and make sure that the criminals will be prosecuted!

We do not accept this kind of behaviour and will inform the EU Commission to investigate this kind of cruelty that seems to be normal in your country!

It is for this reason why I am urging the European Union to be cautious when considering your country’s membership!


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