#Animal Rights
Brimbank city council

My 11 year old niece's dog 'Mylo' got out a few days ago and ended up at the Lost Dogs home in Nth Melbourne.

He was not registered and now after a meeting with Brimbank council, council have ordered that he be killed on Sunday. He's done nothing wrong and is a sweet, gentle soul who sleeps with my niece every night.

BUT because they suspect he has Pit bull in him, they want to kill him, even though he has never as much as looked at anyone the wrong way. So I'm begging everyone to PLEASE sign this and save this beautiful boy or else my niece will go on Sunday, being Mother's day to say goodbye to her best friend! This is wrong and it's bullying beyond belief!


Update as of 16th July 2012

Mylo is still being held at the Lost Dogs Home and we are waiting on a court date which should be soon! Brodie visits Mylo but has to make an appointment first and to say that this is stressing them both out is an understatement! But Mylo is still alive and we are hoping that he will be home as soon as possible and then we have to keep fighting against this BSL as too many innocent babies have already died and alot are locked up in pounds too! The madness needs to stop!!

They are even killing registered dogs now in this state so no dog is safe!


Update as of 24/8/2013

Up until now we have won 2 Supreme Court appeals and went back to vcat on Tuesday 20 th August 2013 and we lost! We will be appealing this desicion and will update soon! Mylo is going into his 16 th month of being locked up for no reason!


We the undersigned beg you to reconsider killing 'Mylo', an 11year old girl's best friend.

He has done nothing wrong so please give him his life back!

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