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The White Supremacist organization of National Geographics

National Geographics the Black community is deeply upset by your constant white-washing of Black history. Your portrayal of a non-black Egypt is in DIRECT contradiction to the primary sources and anthropological evidence all of which attest to the glories of black Egypt. In the Studies and Comments on Ancient Egyptian Biological Relationships anthropologist S.O.Y Keita wrote and I quote "Overall, when the Egyptian crania are evaluated in a Near Eastern (Lachish) versus African (Kerma, Kebel Moya, Ashanti) context) the affinity is with the Africans."

Another study said "The basal epithelial cells were packed with melanin as expected for specimens of Negroid origin."(Biotechnical & Histochemistry 2005, 80) These studies are inline with people who came FACE to FACE with the ancient Egyptians most notably Aristotle who said "Those who are too black are cowards, like for instance, the Egyptians and Ethiopians." (Aristotle, _Physiognomy_, 6) Diodorus agreed with Black Egypt and said "Ethiopians say also that the Egyptians are colonists sent out by the Ethiopians, Osiris having been the leader of the colony...And the larger part of the customs of the Egyptians are, they hold, Ethiopian."

National Geographic we demand a documentary of the ancient Egyptians in which you portray them as Black Africans. The ancient Egyptians cluster with Ethiopians and other East Africans first, so why not get East African actors to portray the ancient Egyptians? Why get Middle Eastern Africans when you admit Egypt was an indigenous African development?

You would not get Native Americans to play Christopher Columbus.

You would not get Chinese to play Greek Philosophers.

So why inaccurately portray the civilization Blacks built?

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