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We are the Community Peace Makers of Jamaica Plain, MA. We are a collaborative of youth representing different organizations in JP. We work with building the community and uniting people of all types, races, sexes, gender, etc. Our goal is to establish kill building jobs for all teens, including those with CORIs, immigrant youth, etc., which we have designed ourselves to help promote education.

Working with the political officers of the Boston City Counsel, we're working to reduce violence and educate one another about social justice.

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We, the undersigned residents, workers, students, and supporters of Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, hereby request the following actions be taken by City Councilor John M. Tobin.

We demand the following establishment of more youth jobs in Jamaica Plain, MA involving:

1. the arts
2. social justice
3. internships

in a career-based setting to involve youth in the community and reduce violence.

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