#Animal Welfare
Shrine Circus

Circuses are shown to be fun and entertaining, which attracts the public, especially for children because of the bright colours and watching their favourite animals perform tricks. What most people do not know about circuses, is the animal cruelty involved. The conditions such as the temporary accommodation for animals, confined quarters, as well as abusive training practices inflicting pain and stress, means a life of misery for lions, tigers, elephants and domestic animals in circuses. Natural behaviours are thwarted and animals are forced to perform several times a day. Using animals in entertainment means removing animals from their natural and wild habitat, keeping them captive in confined cages, and engaging them in unnatural behaviour, all for human amusement.

The practice of enslaving animals and teaching them tricks implies that the animals’ own lives hold no inherent value in their own right. Please sign this petition to stop the use of animals in entertainment. We can make a difference in our lives by informing the public, about why circuses should not use animals. We should all be able to enjoy freedom, human or not.

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