#Animal Welfare
ayuntamiento manilva y casares Andalucia

Gandhi’s famous phrase is that, “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” With only 1000 signatures we can make a difference.

With 1000 signatures we can send a clear message to the local ayuntamiento that animals who have been beaten and mistreated into performing tricks is no longer entertaining.

With 1000 signatures we can stop the circus from abusing more animals for money. The conditions in which these animals are kept is appalling at best. The manner in which they are trained to perform is an absolute disgrace on the owners of the circus and those that go to see a show.

Please add your name and share with your friends to put an end to this suffering.

We the undersigned ask for the Ayuntamiento of Manilva and casares, Andalucia Spain to ban circuses within the area.

We support the campaign to achieve legislative bans on the use of all animals, exotic and domestic, in circuses.

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