#Animal Welfare
The Premier of N.S.W., the Hon. Mr. Barry O'Farrell

In April 2012 our dog Sienna was killed by a 1080 bait. No baits were laid by our neighbours or N.P.W.S. (we live within the South East Forrest National Park).

She died a terrible, slow and agonising death which was inhumane and unethical, as well as a deeply disturbing tragedy for us.

The facts on 1080 are as follows.

*1080 kills everything that breaths;

*1080 kills everything that ingests it, not just target species;

*1080 can be moved by birds & foxes onto private land;

*carcasses of 1080 victims are poisonous to scavenger species;

*1080 is a highly persistent poison & can remain lethal for over a year in dry times;

*1080 is an environmental poison;

*No investigation has been undertaken to determine the effects of 1080 on the environment;

*The N.S.W. Governmaent is trialling aerial baiting in remote areas;

*1080 is banned in all other countries except Australia & New Zealand.

We, the undersigned, call upon the O'Farrell Government to ban the use of 1080 poison baits for the control of pest and feral animals by all state agencies and private individuals.

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