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Whereas, a wide variety of marine mammals have already died due to Navy Warfare Testing of Weapons currently underway in the Hawaiian Islands, the Mariana Islands, the Pacific Ocean off the coastline of Oregon, Washington, Southern California, and other areas where testing is now conducted in both the Pacific and Atlantic oceans;

Whereas, the Navy proposes to expand its NWT Range Complex warfare testing range to encompass more land areas of Oregon, Washington, Idaho, California and the Pacific Ocean;
( Navy Environmental Impact Statement)

Whereas, many chemicals, like depleted uranium, used in this program are toxic to humans, marine mammals, all wildlife, and birds; Whereas, the Navy has violated NEPA laws by not informing the majority of the citizens of the United States about this program;

Whereas, the Navy admits that there are severe declines in some marine mammal populations;

Whereas, the Navy will “take”, harm, maim or kill approximately 2.3 million marine mammals per year over five years;

Whereas, the Navy will disrupt the fishing and whaling tourist industry near some of their weapons test areas in the Pacific Ocean;

Whereas, there are sensitive marine areas in the Pacific Ocean which need to be preserved and protected;

Whereas, airborne sky obscurants like toxic fog oils, red phosphorus, white phosphorus (which is toxic to both humans and marine life), and other military test chemicals can drift and contaminate ocean and land areas;

Whereas, bomb blasts in the Pacific Ocean, and sonic booms over land areas could trigger earthquakes (sonic booms have caused damage to homes in the past, in California and other states).

We the undersigned, demand that our local, county, state and federal representatives take immediate action to stop the Navy warfare testing expansion in the Pacific Ocean, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, and California, and the “taking” of marine mammals.

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