#UN declarations on the rights of Indigenous peoples
United Nation
United States of America

U.S. Government & media at all levels all States, Cities, Towns & Suburbs should refrain from harassing Indigenous Peoples particularly Moors.

Our treaty of peace & friendship is violated every day by most public officials. We are arrested for cleaning a house, a dog break from leash, filing a commercial lien on a judge, a head light is out, speaking in court, trying to be free of a corrupt system, not being excepted as a nation & government.

We are forced to use state ID's & drivers licenses, character assassination, they violate laws and blame us, when whites and Indigenous people get arrested together whites go free & indigenous ones go to jail, all attempts to acquire & establish a Moorish community on our land are foiled by the official in every state and so much more.

Most all public officials are in violation of: Circle 7 Koran Chapter 47 & the Cook County registration number 1015905 to the vast estate on a 1099, UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples A-RES-61-295, U.N. convention against corruption treaty no. 109-6, Congressional Diplomatic Registration No. AA222141 for our Nation.

Police say they have to maintain a certain amount of control so they profile, disrespect & dehumanize us, HJR 192 and Law 73-10, Constitution for the United States of America Republic, the U.S. has a history of violating many of its own laws and charging the people with the violation.

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