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Town Board of Riverhead, NY
United States of America

United Riverhead Terminal (URT) plans to convert two existing tanks to store gasoline that will be brought in via the pipeline on the Long Island Sound. It also wants to build two additional 19,000 gallon tanks for blending 10 percent ethanol into the gasoline and has applied for a permit to expand the Industrial non-conforming use on their property which is Residential and Rural.

Originally, it was reported that the storage and distribution was to be for emergency use only, however, NY State has chosen Northville Industries, not URT, to store emergency gasoline for Long Island. URT has since admitted that this expansion will actually be part of their every day, 24/7 business with a MINIMUM of twelve, 18-20 wheel gasoline tankers coming in and out of the terminal per day.

It has not been officially determined which routes these massive tankers will be taking, but already URT is sending their larger METRO oil tankers up and down Sound Avenue, using either Twomey or Edwards Avenues to get to its sister facility located at EPCAL as well as to points further west. Additional routes being considered include Northville Turnpike and the already congested Rt. 58.

I reside in, work on, and/or visit the North Fork of Long Island and I am opposed to United Riverhead Terminal's plan to modify and expand its current, modest oil business to include the storing and daily distribution of gasoline and ethanol from their terminal on Sound Shore Road through our local streets.

I urge the Riverhead Town Board to reject United Riverhead Terminal's application to expand their current non-conforming use.

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