#City & Town Planning
DPD planning inspector
United Kingdom

An new development is proposed to extend the Devon town of Tiverton Eastwards. Part of this development calls for a road to be built connecting an exisiting A road with the new development. Two alternatives are being proposed.

We are concerned that one of the potential routes (ALT/TIV/9) irrevocably and needlessly destroys greenfield land, natural habitats, splits a community and increases pollution in an area already close to its air pollution limits.

A map of the impact can be seen at

The alternative route (ALT/TIV/2) utilises existing infrastructure and has a much reduced environmental impact.

We the undersigned call on the planning inspector responsible for the decision making process to recommend the proposed Eastern Extension road chosen in Tiverton, Devon is that of planning proposal ALT/TIV/2.

We all object to the needless loss of greenfield land, natural habitat, negative effect on a community and the cost if ALT/TIV/9 is chosen.

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