#National Affairs
PM Stephen Harper

On Aug 13, 2010 492 Tamils arrived at Esquimalt Harbour near Victoria B.C. Out of the 492 Tamils 400 were adult males some of which believed to be Tamil Tigers members declared a terrorist group and others human smugglers. But there's still a question left unanswered how do 492 people survive on such a small boat for 3 months with only the food and water on board and all but three on board were in perfect condition and in clean clothes even though the ship was barely able to hold the Tamils themselves and the ship went for 3 months with one tank of fuel something's fishy about all that.

Should we just let these people come in because of what was going on in there country even though the war in Sri Lanka ended last year . Australia turned them down and now there trying to take advantage of Canada's good will and surprise surprise no ID at all. Please sign if you care about Canada and think people should follow the rules.

We the undersigned, call on PM Harper to stop the Tamils from illegally immigrating into Canada and send them back home.

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