#Animal Welfare
Government of Sweden

We live in a world from which wild animals are disappearing at frightening speed. Despite much scientific evidence to support the scale of this global loss, the Swedish government proposes to destroy this year 200 of their 400 wild wolves, citing conflict with humans. Sweden is a large country with extensive forests and a relatively small human population. It is listed in Worldometers info as the 20th most wealthy country per capita in the world, ahead of countries such as the UK, Australia and France. Surely a large, wealthy country such as Sweden can afford to maintain a population of 400 wild wolves?

A group of scientists have published a letter in the latest issue of the respected research journal Science (here) criticising the proposed cull. They say that the current population size of 400 wolves may not be enough to prevent them becoming extinct in Sweden, as they are already seriously inbred. They conclude "To make this population viable, population size and immigration (from neighbouring countries - author) must increase".

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We, the undersigned, call on the Swedish government to abandon the cull. If rich countries can't accommodate their wild animals, what hope do we have of trying to convince much poorer countries to save animals such as tigers, elephants and gorillas?

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