#Animal Welfare
Gold Coast Mayor, Council, Police, PETA & RSPCA

I am growing very concerned at the rise in missing dogs in the Gold Coast.

98% of them being Staffys. A couple took a Staffy in broad daylight, took off her collar and left it on the road. I started reading about the dog fighting rings and what to do to prevent this. Letting people know that they are scouting out neighbourhoods by ribbon on the fence or chalk on the driveway could be a good start. Or if a particular area is targeted letting people know so they can take reasonable measures to protect their dogs.

I wanted to point out that I was never even aware this was going on in Australia. To think that someone could come into YOUR yard and take YOUR dogs whom You have loved, and raised and cuddled... And subject them to a dog fight where they could get torn open and bitten by a dog that has been taught and trained to fight to the death makes me sick to the pit of my stomach, to know that someone will do this for their own sickening agenda and financial gain. I am upset, then I think about it and I get angry and my blood starts boiling.

I want to know why is no one talking about this, how many more beloved pets have to meet an excruciating and meaningless death for someone to take notice.
Why isn't there a database or hotline to report missing dogs, surely if this existed and suddenly 5 dogs go missing from an area in a day or in a short space of time that something is going on, you could send a patrol car or let the media know that area has been targeted.

I also am asking the question, what happens to all the dogs that get killed in these fights?.. I read if a dog loses a fight they get shot if they don't die in agony from their injuries first. Are they dumping them on the road and people assuming that it simply got hit by a car? They don't do autopsies on dogs so its very plausible this is happening. Is this even being tracked?

Missing staffies started In Beenleigh, then Pimpima, then Ormeau then Coomera, with 4 stolen over the past week!

Something has to be done and these Monsters have to know this is Not ok and the community of the Gold Coast is going to do something about it. I want to help in any way I can and I am sure all the other dog owners out there would too in order to protect their babies. To stand by and let this happen is a complete injustice.

PETA the organisation against cruelty to animals offered a reward for information leading to taking down a local dog ring in Sydney. Now I know there is no honour among thieves so maybe we could beat them at their own game and do something similar here.

Please sign this petition and let's stand together as a community to let these monsters know that we will not stand for this and as a community we will stand up and fight for the rights of these dogs who cannot speak for themselves and don't have any choice in what fate they meet.

We, the undersigned as residents and voters of the Gold Coast Community Call on the council, the mayor and local police to eliminate Dog theft in the Gold Coast Region and Beyond.

We call for action to be taken and measures to be put in place to identify areas targeted and residents warned to take precautions. As a community we do not tolerate dog fighting or dogs being taken for this purpose.

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