#Human Rights
Virginia Governor Robert McDonnell

Execution of any individual regardless of their crimes is unjustified and morally corrupt.

The United States of America cannot claim to be morally superior while it still continues to allow this shameful act of legalised murder.

There has been widespread condemnation of the Iranian government for its intent to stone to death a woman 'found guilty' in Iranian courts of acts of adultery and conspiracy to commit murder. (See the gopetition link below). As this is wrong so is the execution of a woman 'found guilty' in a USA court conspiring to commit the murder of her husband and her stepson. (See link to BBC News Website).

This petition demands that the Governor or Virginia, Robert McDonnell, stops the execution of this woman, a woman who has learning disabilities, however heinous her crimes.



We the undersigned demand that Virginia Governor Robert McDonnell stops the state execution of Teresa Lewis.

The Stop the State execution of Teresa Lewis petition to Virginia Governor Robert McDonnell was written by Peter Libman and is in the category Human Rights at GoPetition.