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The goal of this program is to improve Wright County’s (Minnesota) success of preventing new introductions of aquatic invasive species (AIS). This program, in the pilot phase, will require free entry inspections prior to launching water-related equipment at accesses on three lakes near the City of Annandale, MN (Sylvia, John and Pleasant). The inspection takes place at a convenient site near the lakes—just a few blocks north of Hwy 55 on Annandale Blvd, Annandale, MN. Decontamination services are also provided at the site.

The Wright County Commissioners have passed an ordinance to support the pilot. City of Annandale, Southside Township, and Corinna Township have also supported the pilot.

This effort to stop the spread of AIS by providing expanding protection for more lakes at a lower cost than today's "at landing" inspections is good for all current Minnesotans as well as future generations. Keeping lakes free from AIS helps retain our fantastic recreational opportunities and the wonderful lake aesthetics that all citizens enjoy.

Final approval—expected summer of 2017—is required from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources before the pilot is started.

We, the undersigned, urge the Minnesota DNR to approve the Wright Regional Watercraft Inspection Program program.

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