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Bonsai describes the ancient Japanese art of growing miniature trees by rigorous pruning of their roots and branches. Because of their small size, aesthetic appeal, and minimal upkeep requirements, Bonsai trees have long been popular additions to offices and homes.

In late 2000 the website bonsaikitten.com debuted. It described how to apply the same Bonsai principles to kittens. The idea was to seal kittens inside glass containers. As they grew (fed and watered through a tube), the bones of the cats would supposedly conform to the shape of whatever container held them. At the end of the process a uniquely shaped ‘Bonsai Kitten’ would emerge—sure to be the envy of all.

“You no longer need be satisfied with a house pet having the same mundane shape as all other members of its species,” the site declared. “With Bonsai Kitten a world of variation awaits you, limited only by your own imagination.” The site also advertised that hand-grown Bonsai Kittens were available for sale to the public.

The site contained numerous, over-the-top details designed to provoke. (WARNING: the squeamish might want to skip this paragraph.) For instance, it described the soft, springiness of kitten bones, claiming that “if you take a week-old kitten and throw it to the floor, it will actually bounce!” It also provided nauseating details involving super glue and plastic tubes for dealing with waste removal: “as the kitten’s body is still developing, a natural rectal diverticulum will soon form around the tube.”

Finally, it offered the disturbing reminder that one should remember to drill an airhole for the kitty. This site was proved as a hoax but still the website remains open.

We, the undersigned, call on PETA to stop this sick website from being open!Its a horrible thing to fake and the creators must have sick twisted minds!

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