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Glen Butcher MP for Gladstone Queensland

Brumbies on Curtis Island believed to be descendants of Waler horses used by Australian soldiers in the Boer War and World War 1 were targeted in an horrific callous and inhumane slaughter
CURTIS Island residents have reacted with horror after Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service officers took part in a cull of the island's wild brumbies last week. Parts of the island were closed off while the horses were shot from a helicopter, along with feral pigs and cattle.
Curtis Island residents and regular visitors who spoke to The Observer in the aftermath expressed shock and sadness at the decision to cull the animals, which they said were friendly and drew visitors to the island
Many unanswered questions:
How many horses were shot?
Did they shoot the foals as well?
What did they do with them after they shot them?
Were they killed instantly with one shot or belly shot and left to die?
Did they suffer?
Are there any horses left?
Why could they not have been relocated?
How many times have we heard on the news that rogue crocodiles are relocated, so why not our brumbies?
What animal is going to be next?
This covert operation was carried out by Queensland Parks and Wildlife between 21st and 24th August 2018 herding and shooting the horses from helicopters. There had to be of planning, helicopters hire, pilots, airport control, 2 hired gunmen, ground support with trucks and heavy lifting gear. Did the horses stand still and wait to be shot I don’t think so they would have scared and terrified and running for their lives. How can a moving helicopter with a gunmen hit a rapidly moving target, are they are that good a sniper

We come here because of the beautiful pristine wilderness of the island and all the animals, horses, kangaroos, goannas, all manner of bird life in their natural habitat. No matter where we go on Curtis there are stunning plants and animal to catch your attention. Amazing to sit and watch the brumbies to try and understand their family unit
There are books written about the early settlement on Curtis Island and early cattle stations, the Curtis Ferry has opened up the entire island to tourism
Mother Nature has a way of looking after things and has done before we humans got here
So many questions with no answers for the senseless slaughter of beautiful animals in their natural habitat.

We, the undersigned, call on Glen Butcher MP for Gladstone Queensland to stop the callous slaughter of Waler horses on Curtis Island.

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