The Premier of Western Australia, Honorable Colin Barnett

We do not believe that destroying sharks close to shore will make a long-term difference and a more sophisticated understanding of the marine environment is necessary to implement long term solutions.

TO: The Premier of Western Australia, Honorable Colin Barnett, The Minister for Environment, Honorable Bill Marmion and Fisheries Minister, Norman Moore.

We, the undersigned, oppose the shark mitigation strategies introduced by The Western Australian Government.

Sharks are very slow to recover from the depletion of their numbers, and although much effort has been put into the conservation of these animals since their protection in 1999, much more needs to be done to reverse this decline. The cull of sharks in response to the tragic attacks would be a premature, unscientific response.

It is our hope that they will continue to be recognized as a protected species, free of capture, harassment and abuse.

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