#Neighborhood Living
MP for Clifton East, Christian Martin
United Kingdom

Those living in the vicinity of 36 Royal Park, BS8 3AN are being severely disturbed by the opening of a sex club in one of these terrace houses. We express our right to live in peace in a respectful and constructive way within our local community.

Sex parties and other such organised events bring strangers with no interest in the wellbeing of the community and we feel disrespected and unheard in our objections to this. In this light we seek to exercise our right to protect ourselves and children from something that is antisocial and poses risk to young people and falls outside the basis of a residential area for which the planning system has been designed to protect.

This narrow residential, non-commercial terrace overlooking Christ Church Primary School is simply an inappropriate place for such activities. These activities attract strangers late into the night, causing disturbance to the neighbourhood, specifically affecting neighbours through increased levels of noise and traffic, with visitors occupying parking to which local residents should have first claim. Young families are being directly disturbed by the activities at these events. To date, this behaviour demonstrates a total lack of consideration for people living in the immediate vicinity and wider community.

There is significant written and online evidence to show that these are commercial events, as well as direct experience of noise disturbance and high levels of people arriving to these organised events.

We the undersigned object to the organised sex events at 36 Royal Park and demand that they stop on the grounds that they are antisocial and disturb neighbours and young children, who experience this as invasive and threatening and to the local community, as well as being inappropriate to this residential area.

We feel that if they continue they will cause significant disturbance due to noise pollution, increased traffic and participants at these events occupying available parking spaces in addition to parking illegally on Royal Park and adjacent streets.

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