#Animal Rights
Angela Hoskins-Higdon
United States of America

Please sign this petition to stop the sale of sugar gliders and other live animals at flea markets, trade and home shows.

The sale of these animals leads to impluse buying, feeds the pockets of mega breeders, and increases the number of animals in shelters, rescue homes and city pounds.

As a rescue home in Dallas Texas we continue to care for gliders comming from all situations, apporimently 75% of our rescues come from owners who purchased them at our local flea market.

Many of these animals are forced to live for years in horrible conditions when new owners fail to do research on proper care and handling.

We urge our City's, States, and Govenment in whole to stop the selling of live animals, including Sugar Gliders, and other exotic animals at Flea Markets, Home and Trade Shows. This pratice leads to impulse buying of animals, often the owners are not given correct information on the care of the animal they purchase leading to neglect and abuse. These animals are filling rescue homes, shelters and pounds. We urge breeders to act independently and sell from their place of bussiness or breeding facility and educate new owners in the proper care of any animal they sell.

We also ask for relief for rescue home, city pounds, and shelters so they will not be over loaded wiht animals from this cruel practice.

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