The Hon Jay Weatherill; the Hon Tom Koutsantonis

The Weatherill Government intends to privatise the Land Services Group for a short-term cash grab at the expense of a world class lands titles and valuation system that protects the rights of property owners.

The SA Land Services Group maintains the world’s oldest and most respected Lands Titles system, protecting your information from the interests of developers, insurers and banks.

They also provide information that impacts on your council rates, water bills, emergency service levy and insurance charges.

The integrity of the Lands Titles system is at risk.

Interstate and overseas experience shows that privatising these services leads to increased costs, puts property titles at risk, makes getting a mortgage more difficult and exposes owners to potential title fraud.

The privatisation of Land Services will also mean a significant loss of revenue for essential services for the people of the state. Privatisation of other Government services has led to increased costs, and a poorer service.

In end we pay!

Tell the Premier and Treasurer not to privatise our Land Services.

To Premier Jay Weatherill and Tom Koutsantonis

I support the essential public services that the Lands Services Group provides in our state and strongly oppose the plan to privatise it.

Privatisation in other states and internationally has led to increased costs and reduced protection for the public.

You promised not to privatise state assets at the last state election and this breaks that promise!

I call on you to reverse your decision to privatise the Land Service group and keep your commitments to no more privatisation of public services.

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