#Gender Rights and Issues
Retailer Head Offices
United Kingdom

The game, Duke Nukem Forever, which has been developed by Gearbox Software for Xbox 360 is released on 10 June 2011. In our opinion, the trailers for this game make it clear that women are depicted blatantly as sexual objects.

The trailers for this game can easily be found on YouTube. The Duke Nukem Forever official launch trailer and the Duke Nukem Forever Babes trailers clearly show the kind of objectification mentioned above. WARNING! You should be over 18 to view these trailers. They contain blood and gore, intense violence, strong language, mature humour, nudity, strong sexual content and use of drugs and alcohol.

Although this game has an 18 rating those younger than this age will undoubtedly play the game nevertheless. We believe that this game sends out dangerous messages about women reduced to the status of sexual objects to young people, and also to those aged 18 and above.

There is large body of evidence which demonstrates the connection between this kind of sexual objectification and dehumanisation of women with violence against women. It also shows that frequent exposure to sexist portrayals of women is linked to a variety of harms and creates a conducive context for the perpetration of violent acts against women (see the Joining up the Dots report by Object ).

We, the undersigned, call on the head offices of the relevant retailers to be responsible towards their customers and wider society by stopping the sale of Duke Nukem Forever in their stores.

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