Ministry of Health Canada

Recommended daily caffeine intake of adolescents is 100 mg a day.

Caffeine and other compounds in Energy Drinks can cause a boost in heart rate and blood pressure. (Monster and Rock star contain 160 mg of Caffeine)

Caffeine can cause heart cells to release calcium which can lead to arrhythmia.

Heart damage has been shown to result from cases of major caffeine overdose, which could contribute to death or serious injury.

With sugar levels 3X as high as recommended daily sugar intakes, Energy drinks are contributing to weight gain and other health related problems. (E.g Rock Star has 19 teaspoons of sugar and Monster has 13 teaspoons of sugar)

Energy Drinks are readily available over the counter at grocery stores, variety stores and are often given away at sporting events and rock concerts.

Children are often the target of marketing campaigns for Energy drink companies, even though the cans state "Not recommended for children."

We, the undersigned, call for Health Canada to eliminate the sale of Energy Drinks to Children under the age of 18.

These Energy drinks should only be sold with proper identification like alcohol and tobacco.

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