The President of the Republic of Ghana

The Government of Ghana is in the process of privatizing the Aburi Gardens.

The famous Gardens, which attract both local and international tourists every year, has been deteriorating in the recent past years.

Tourism Minister Akua Sena Dansoa revealed on Thursday that the park will soon be sold to private handlers.

“It’s in a very sorrowful state and so the cabinet has directed that the Ministry of Local Government, under which falls Parks and Gardens, which has responsibility for the parks to divest the park,” she said.

She said the Ministry is no longer in a position to manage the Gardens and that the options available are a Public Private Partnership or a a wholly private sector takeover.

She assured that when the process is completed, it will become a beautiful sight to behold as it used to be.

Akua Sena Dansoa also described as ‘unGhanaian’ the practice where people urinate in the open. She says the uncouth practice paints a bad image about Ghana to tourists.

Sometimes you drive in the centre of Accra and you see people by the road side urinating. Where on this earth will you find that? Even in certain parts of Africa you cannot do it,” she lamented.

She said people should inculcate in themselves and in their children the Ghanaian image of decency so as to keep the environment clean and free of diseases.

“It is not even proper for you to stand there and display your thing and start urinating. So when fathers and mothers do that, what do you expect your children to do?” She asked.

We, the undersigned, call upon on the government of Ghana to immediately:-

1. Veto the decision by the Cabinet to privatise Aburi Garden.

2. Stop the divestiture/sale of Aburi Gardens to private investors.

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