#Animal Rights
Russian Government

On 26 September a brown bear was killed in a Russian City of Sevastopol. At the time, animals were looking for food. And he was shot by the police officer.

According to the police, the animal was aggressive and can’t harm the local population. However, the local has a different opinion, they are blaming the police for badly caring the situation. They confirmed that the bear only threatened after the police dogs starting cornering the bear.

There are 2 important points to be noted.

  • First, the bear was looking for food. A hungry bear was forced to go near a village, where he was trying fulfill his basic need.
  • Second, the bear was alone. Mean it can easily be distracted to the nearby jungle. Or seduced him and physically carry to the Jungle. But none of the options were adopted. And bear was straightly fired.

By far, this is the most brutal thing, I have ever heard from such a proper country. And to add more spice to the situation, he sold the gallbladder for $400. And his response was “price can go higher if he is in China or South Korea”.

We want the Russian government to take a strict action against this guy and make an example out him. Rather than just defuse the public anger.

Rakeem Jober - Bears Rights Activist and Full iOS developer at ioandco.com

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