Potential Trump voters
United States of America

Prevent the RNC from performing a brokered convention to choose the presidential candidate.

We the undersigned hereby call upon the Republican party leadership to cease and desist in any plans to perform a brokered convention to choose a Republican presidential nominee or candidate. We believe that the citizens should have the right to pick their candidate themselves by primary vote.

The Republican leadership is hereby informed that if they perform a brokered convention and do not allow voters to decide on their own who they want for the presidential nominee, the following will take place.

We the undersigned hereby declare that if there is a brokered convention to choose our Republican presidential nominee or candidate that we will never vote another Republican candidate in any election me at a federal, state, or local election for the rest of our lives. To perform a brokered convention will cause the rights of voters to be violated.

We make this promise in the event of a brokered convention to never vote Republican, or financially support the Republican Party ever again.

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The Stop the RNC from having a brokered convention petition to Potential Trump voters was written by Richard Tucker and is in the category Politics at GoPetition.