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The military Draft should not return because the draft takes away eveybodies freedom rights. The freedom rights are taken away because we can not chose if we want to go or not.

Also, Charlie Rangel states that a draft will make equally in the military than having a volunteer army becuase only the poor will go. But the draft forces young men to go, which is promoting inequallity with woman. But Charlie Rangel indicates the U.S. will need more soldiers for Iraq and future wars.

This will only cause more deaths to the Americans becuase having soldiers who do not want to be there and do not believe why they are fighting will not do their best.

I disagree with the Draft for reasons that it forces people to risk their lives eventhough they do not want to and even if we believe the war is unjust we are still forced to go.

This is a matter of keeping our freedom to decide what we will do with our lives.

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