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State and Federal environment and shadow environment Ministers

The Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney (RBG) intend to relocate their resident population of the vulnerable grey-headed flying fox, claiming they are damaging trees in the gardens. The 22 000 individuals that live in the gardens make up 5% of the total global population of this important species.

The RBG intend to use recordings of industrial noise to scare the bats from their homes and will continue to move them on if they resettle in another location that is deemed 'unsuitable'.

As well as being an ecologically important species through their role as pollinators and seed dispersers the bats are a Sydney icon, used to promote Australia to foreign tourists along with images of koalas, Ularu and Sydney Harbour.

For more information go to http://clrdoutney.wordpress.com/2010/06/04/flying-fox-relocation/

We, the undersigned, ask that the approval for the relocation of the grey-headed flying foxes from the Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney (RBG) be revoked, given the lack of other suitable habitat for this threatened species and uncertainty as to what affect the process will have on their breeding.

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