#City & Town Planning
Development Control Committee, London Borough of Sutton
United Kingdom

MCWAS, the tenants of Wentworth Hall on the corner of Ruskin Road and Carshalton Road are seeking to redevelop the hall to increase its capacity and usage.

Local residents are concerned that the current parking and traffic issues will be exacerbated by more people coming in from Croydon, Wimbledon and the surrounding area to use the hall that was originally designated a community hall for the use of residents of Carshalton.

We, the undersigned, object to the redevelopment of Wentworth Hall as proposed by planning application ref no. C2008/60587. Our concerns include: -

•Environmental impact of vehicles coming from unknown distances, but sufficient to warrant use of a car.

•The noise from all those vehicles revving and manoeuvring whilst parking.

•The proximity of this increase in traffic to All Saints School.

•The danger to pedestrians and other vehicles when drivers are anxiously trying to find nearby non-existent parking places.

•The prevalence of illegal parking.

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