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The poposed desalination plant (Wonthaggi) sucks in 11,000 litres of seawater per second. The pre treatment process of chemicals kills all marine life.

The sea water is pushed through REVERSE OSMOSIS to produce 150 gigalitres of water per year.
Double this quantity (300 GLs) of rain water is pumped out to sea by the Brumby Labour government every year.

Some of the chemicals (heavy metals and carcinognes) are discharge back to the sea in a concentrated brine solution that is at least 1 degree higher than the surronding water. The underground desal outlet pipe and the discharged brine heats the cooler ocean water from the bottom upwards.

The Victorian Government will not release the specifications of the plant, however the energy requried to generate the desalination plant will be 900 GWh of electricity per year of brown coal. Victoria does not need another large electricity generator producing increased greenhouse gas = less rainfall = desalination = even less rainfall.

The Vic Auditor General is on record saying that the desalination plant costs and increases (DOUBLE your water bill) are understated by the Brumby government.

Its our water. Our right to the consultation process on water managment strategies should be honoured.

To the Legislative Assembly of Victoria

This Petition of residents of Victoria points out to the Lower House that, we are totally opposed to the proposed desalination plant. We request the Legislative Assembly of Victoria to put a stop to the proposed desalination project, until all following issues have been addressed and the alternative Greenhouse Gas Emission Neutral solutions for the water management have been fully sufficiently explored in consultation with Yourwateryoursay Action Group Inc.

The desalination development is at conflict with the State’s Sustainable Water Strategy Central Region Action to 2055 and all Local Government policies, especially Marine Protection, Victorian Coastal Strategy, Victorian Coastal Spaces Study and Bass Coast Strategic Coastal Framework.
It does not comply with the guiding principles in the Sustainable Water Strategy Central Region Action to 2055 of:

(a) Managing risk and Uncertainty

(b) Maximising Flexibility;

(c) Greenhouse Gas Emission Neutral: lower preference is given to options that generate high volumes of greenhouse gases.

Desalination technology should remain a last resort option. until all other avenues of water procurement are exhausted, due to its unsustainably high greenhouse gas emissions, excessive cost to all Victorians water bills and unsustainable heating of the Tasmanian ocean.

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