#Animal Welfare
President of South Africa (MR ZUMA)
South Africa

Poaching has been going on for many many years.

It has got to the point where owners of conservation parks are thinking about taking drastic action to try and put an end to this problem.

If you care about animals, please sign this petition to try and do our bit to help bring an end to poaching in South Africa. It saddens me to know that people are still being able to get away with doing this, to poor defenceless creatures. It shows that there is definitely more we can do, to try and stop this.

Please think about the rhinos and elephants and all other creatures that are being slaughtered and, for what? to satisfy a demand for pills or some kind of drug!!

Please take just a moment to sign this petition, I am going to try and take this as far as I can, to get results. So please, do sign. (I will do everything in my power, to get the desired result.)

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