#Animal Rights
Defra, RSPB
United Kingdom

Parakeets, such as the one pictured, are beautiful birds. They are very popular as pets in the UK, but many people get one without doing their homework and researching the species first. When they realise what's involved in looking after one, they simply release it into the wild.

Now Defra are saying that they could pose a threat to crops, other species and electricity pylons. No creature, other than us, deliberately harms any other species. Predators do not harm other species of animals, instead they help to maintain the populations in certain areas so that the animals do not breed too much and eat up all the food and then starve.

As for the electricity pylons and crops, we could just employ bird scarers to frighten them away humanely. Not only would this save the birds, but it would also provide employment for the unemployed.

Perhaps the most amazing thing is that the RPSB are not condemning this, but they are actually supporting it.

We, the undersigned, feel that this cull is unnecessary and inhumane.

We feel that the right thing to do would be to ban keeping parakeets as pets and to employ bird scarers around affected areas.

We feel strongly that Defra and the RPSB should not be allowing this cruel cull.

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