David Estwick M.P.; Dr. Denis Lowe M.P.; John Boyce, M.P.

There have been reports over a year ago of malfunctions with the South Coast Sewage system. The Opposition Leader brought it to public attention back in October 2015 and put it down to broken pumps. She also said that a report indicated that the Graeme Hall Swamp, our last remaining mangrove, was being affected by the run off.

One month later Minister David Estwick responsible for Water Resources Management was reported in the Press that the problem would be solved by the construction of a leachate plant by the Ministry of Drainage and the replacement of broken pumps, which would be seen to urgently.

One year later the situation is noticeably worse with reports of raw sewage bubbling from manholes in various places along the South Coast.

There has been a fish kill in the pond at Peronne believed to because by run off from the sewage lines.

We the undersigned call on the Minister of Water Resources Management, The Minister of The Environment & Drainage and the Minister of Health to :
1: Update the public on the functioning of the South Cost Sewage Plant
2. Confirm or deny whether untreated sewage is overflowing from sewage lines onto the road in various areas in the South Coast, the area in front of Massy Supermarket and the Worthing Post Office being especially affected.
3. Is the public health at risk from being exposed to raw sewage
4. What is the solution to this problem
5. How soon can we expect to have the problem rectified
6. Can the public who live, work and traverse these areas be given regular updates
7. Can any sort of sanitizing and/or deodorizing agents be introduced into the system to help protect people affected by the effluent

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