#Children's Rights
Target, Walmart, KMart, Sears
United States of America

Children are being exposed and sexualized more and more with every generation. It gets worse as more people become accepting to what scant clothes children wear. I read an article at abc.com/news called "How Soon is too Soon?" and it was about a company in France who now have a line of lingerie that is targeted at girls four and younger. This goes way beyond something that should be acceptable.

Why do women wear lingerie? Mostly to please men and be sexy. Do we honestly think that children are sexy?

It's terrible when someone creates something like lingerie for four years olds without thinking what kind of sickos will be purchasing this attire. Pedophiles must be really excited about this.

This is why I am motivated to petition department stores to voluntarily stop sales of Bikini Style swimsuits for children.

We call upon department stores to cease their role in encouraging pedophiles and ask them to stop selling 2 piece bikini style swimwear for children.

Sign this petition to show that you are against the over sexualized exposure of children through adult style clothing.

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