IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency)

The International Atomic Energy Agency and the US government has been heavily lobbying establishment on the Nuclear Fuel Bank in Kazakhstan.

The authoritarian president-for-life Nursultan Nazarbayev has supported this idea despite the continuous protest of the people of Kazakhstan.

We need the support of the people of the world to stop the building of the Bank of Nuclear Fuel/Wastes.

We, citizens of Kazakhstan, would like you to join to express our protest against the establishment of the so-called Nuclear Fuel Bank in the city of Ust-Kamenogorsk in Kazakhstan.

The International Atomic Energy Agency together with authoritarian president-for-life Nursultan Nazarbayev have decided to built the Bank in spite of the wide protests of the people of Kazakhstan. Our country has been suffering from the nuclear tests more than any country in the world. More than 450 nuclear tests, both under and overground, were conducted at the most famous Semipalatinsk nuclear site in 1949-1991.

The child mortality and congenital defects rate, and life expectancy in the area of the planned Nuclear Bank site is worse than in Sub-saharan Africa. The country is already poisoned by the more than 800 million tons of the radioactive wastes. We appeal to STOP proliferation of the Nuclear madness supported by the UN organization and western governments.

Мы, жители Казахстана, выступаем против планов Международного Агенства по Атомной Энергии (МАГАТЭ), поддерживаемого президентом Н.Назарбаевым, разместить Банк ядерного топлива/отходов в городе Усть-Каменогорске. Не дадим превратить Казахстан в ядерную помойку!

Біз, Қазақстан Республикасының азаматтары, Ядролық Отын Банкісіне қарсымыз!

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