NSW state government

So the NSW state government will outsource all road maintenance from the RTA/RMS things like as stated below,

traffic signals
speed cameras
electrical / lighting
emergency phones
civil works
electronic signs
traffic measurement
line marking
bridge repairs and restorations of heritage bridges
analytic testing of soils, road surfaces, and other testing
road analysis
and many more skills.

Need I say many years of innovations which in the past they sold for nothing and will probably sell for nothing now.

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN THE MULTINATIONAL goes belly up or cannot maintain the system like the RTA did? In the past contracted work was not even done they just took the money and did minimal work then we the RTA had to fix things up to make the politicians not look like fools.

Our safety standard we were expected to work with were extremely high,, will the winner of the government contract be expected to have standards equal or above our current requirements ?

In march of 2012 the ex CEO of the RTA michael bushby was appointed to leightons to start a services division that's the time rumours started.

So I urge you to sign this petition to stop this happening there are the livelihoods of over 4000 people full time and labour hire whom have also families so it can be over 12000 lives affected, please sign and leave a comment for all to see (no offensive language please) cause currently we still have freedom of speech so be heard don't be a mouse.

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We, the undersigned , call for the NSW state government to stop the privatisation of the road maintenance in Sydney and the state of NSW.

The current system works fine and makes profit so why sell it and lose the knowledge that will never be replaced?

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