#Animal Rights
Commissioner, Bradley Campbell
United States of America

Commissioner Campbell is deciding whether or not to allow a bear hunt again in NJ.

The last bear hunt was in 2004 when hunters killed 328 bears and it was the first in 30 years. It solved nothing! We need a non-lethal way of managing NJ's bear population. Perhaps sterilization and a bear preserve. Bears inhabit all of NJ's counties and are more of a nusiance then danger. People make them dangerous by feeding them and not properly disposing of their garbage.

There is no need to hunt our bears again. There are approximately less than 3000 bears. Our small state is over developed, over crowded, 1164 people per square mile that'smore than Japan and India,which are only in the range of 900 or less.

It's time people realize that the bears are not in their neighborhood, that in fact, people have invaded the bear's habitat.

Honorable Commissioner Bradley Campbell:

We are petitioning you today to ask that you stop the black bear hunt in NJ. There has to be a non-lethal way of managing our black bear population and we are asking you to find the solution, because we feel hunting is not the answer.

We the undersigned are NJ tax paying residents and registered voters and our opinion matters. We elect our politions to serve and protect, manage and preserve our state and it's environment including all of its wildlife.

Thank You

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