Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Gov Eliot Spitzer, and the New York State Legislature
United States of America

On July 1, 2008 the New York State Legislature is to reduce the New York State Sales tax from 8.375% to 7.375%.

This would put back in New York State resident's pockets of upwards to $1 billion dollars.

However, Mayor Michael Bloomberg is trying to tell New Yorkers of all walks of life that the $1 billion dollars they deserved, and earned will be taken from them because of a $2.7 billion dollar gap in the city budget.

While it is understandable the city, state, and national economy are facing uncertain times.

However, In light of the recent increases in the past year in our water, electric, and heating bills, not to mention increases on our bridges, subways, and buses this is the worst time to "Rob Peter to pay Paul".

With already 4% of the sales tax going to the state, 4% going to the city, and .375% going to the MTA. The Sales tax in this state only hurts those who need this money most from business owners, students, seniors, families, and everyone to everyone.

The New York City budget has grown from 2002 to at 43 billion dollars to now 61 billion dollars this increase is too high for any city budget. Why not simply cut it a few billion dollars, not even Congress spends this much compared to the rate of inflation!

After all, our Mayor in his own words has said any sales tax increase is regressive, and hurts those who need it most.

The time is now, before it is too late, let us keep more of our money because it only helps keep this state, and city great!

I am asking all our leaders from the Mayor, Governor, Senate Majority Leader, and Speaker of the Assembly to come together to find ways for the greater good of New Yorkers to come either cut spending, government jobs, agencies, or any other way possible to avoid another "Unfair" tax increase.

I ask anyone who signs this to send a message for all of our leaders we put in office to say "No Sales Tax Increase".

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