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Four horses in field in Derbyshire have been left all winter. They are emaciated, have raw open untreated sores on them, in a field that had no grazing what so ever, the whole field is inches deep in thick mud!

RSPCA have been out a couple of times but done nothing, they didn't even see just how skinny & sore the horses are as they had rugs on covering any evidence ogle neglect. We want something done to save these horses from terrible conditions & let them have a long & happy life.

The RSPCA need to act when concerns are first raised so that cases like thisneed never happen again!!

The aim of this petition is to highlight the fact that neglect and abuse of horses happens much closer to home than we would like to think!

The RSPCA should act when concerns are first raised so that cases like thisn need never happen again!

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