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The Metropolitan Transit Authority
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As many of you know the Metropolitan Transit Authority of New York is now considering plans to raise fares from the base of $2 to $2.50.

It also is considering plans to raise 30 day metrocards, raise 30 day unlimited metrocards and possibly even
raise express bus fares to $7.50.

It also even worse wants to cut subway service on the W, and Z lines. It wants to end express service on the Q and N lines in Manhattan. Cut several key bus lines in all 5 boroughs, and end key express bus service on weekends in the Bay Ridge and Dyker Heights sections of Brooklyn.

I believe in order to close a budget gap this is not the answer. Cost of living in New York City has gone up more than any other city in the country. Wall Street is in a free fall. Property taxes have gone up 67 percent in the past 5 years, not to mention a property tax increase of 7.72%, we pay the highest state, business, 4th highest electric, water, and 3rd highest income taxes with no "TAXPAYER" relief in sight.

Shall I forget the massive increases in Gas Prices, or a 14.5% increase in our Water Bills collectively 35% the past 3 years alone!

There are many hardworking people who have not seen their salaries go up as much as the taxes, and the spending has. Has anyone at the MTA ever heard of a tax cut, cutting fares, wasteful spending, and dead end agency government jobs.

I ask anyone who wants to still be able to afford to live in this great state and city to send a message to the MTA by saying "No to a Fare Hike" not after last year's 3.5% "Pick-Pocket".

I also ask anyone who will sign this petition to spread the word, let your local elected officials know. I ask you who signs this petition to stand up for the cost of living, stand up for what is right, and to tell the MTA the buck stops here not after last year's fare hike!

We were promised by the MTA they would not raise the fares this year, can't anyone keep a promise?

We who endorse this petition call on the MTA to look on other options such as allowing the city a fairer share of revenue shared between the city, and state. Creating competition between buses and subways for federal aid as well as revenue. Cutting the number of government agencies, wasteful spending, doing more with less and rolling back the fares across the board.

We who endorse this petition also call on Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Governor David Patterson, both the Senate, Assembly at the State level, and the City Council to prevent another "Tax-Hike" on the decent people of this great city!

Today this message is telling you, the MTA, this hike is "unfair".

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