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Clarksville-Montgomery County Industrial Development Board
United States of America

The Clarksville-Montgomery County Industrial Development Board has proposed an industrial megasite for portions of Montgomery and Robertson counties in Tennessee. Purchase of the roughly 1,800 acres for the major industry (possibly an automobile assembly plant) and its suppliers would add significantly to the current debt of over $320,000,000 in Montgomery County. Also, most major industries require millions of dollars in subsidies from local and state governments. In addition, extending the current Clarksville infrastructure of electricity, sewer, gas, etc. to the remote site would cost billions of dollars.

A industrial megasite would destroy the peaceful, quiet community which brought citizens to that rural area; create significant traffic congestion; destroy farmland; negatively impact the bicycle trails in the area (including the Century 100); create noise and pollution; cause residential taxes to increase; cause safety issues as vehicle traffic attempts to share the roads with farming equipment such as combines, tobacco trailers, tractors, etc.; harm nature such as deer, dove, quail and turkey which are hunted as a food source in the community; and destroy the beauty of the area.

We, the people of Montgomery/Robertson Counties and other affected areas, and friends and family of those that would be affected, petition the Industrial Development Board as well as the county government not to purchase or re-zone land for a business park in northeastern Montgomery County. We encourage the county government, county commissioners, Industrial Development Board, and Regional Planning Commission to abandon any plan to buy or re-zone the land for a business park.

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