Mascotte, FL City Council
United States of America

The Mascotte City Council is hearing a proposal to build a landfill on 250 acres of environmentally sensitive land. The land borders on farms and residential areas.

The proposal has already passed a first reading, and is up for a second vote on October 3rd at the City Council meeting. They are in a rush to pass this to pay for past bad financial decisions, but the numbers don't add up. There are other alternatives to solve the city's financial difficulties, like consolidating services with neighboring towns.

We feel the requested site imposes a severe threat ti the health and welfare of our families, and that approval of such a site and plan is reckless and dangerous action by the commissioners.

We, the undersigned residents of the City of Mascotte petition and request strongly that the City of Mascotte through its staff and the City Council acting in its legislative roll and as the Local Planning Agency, reject forever the requests of the owners of the property known as Heron's Glen to locate a Waste Disposal Facility on such property within the City of Mascotte, and reject any Ordinance that may be introduced to authorize the use of Heron's Glen property for this or any related activities.

It is the opinion of the under signed that such a facility at this location would severely limit, if not destroy, a major portion of the City from future growth and lower the tax base. Such use would be obnoxious to both the use and current value of the surrounding land in this portion of the city.

Such a facility is not needed to meet the future needs of the City and places the city in the commercial business of Waste Disposal because of its financial and contractual relationships with the Developer.

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