#Animal Welfare
Australian Government

These days more and more Australian animals are being traded as livestock.

These animals are suffering greatly and some even die from the torture of travelling on a boat.

Yes, I believe in a Fair Go for Farm Animals!

The 5 million sheep, cattle and goats that are live exported from Australia each year, and which die on long, gruelling sea journeys to Asia or the Middle East, or suffer but survive only to be slaughtered in conditions we have no control, over, aren’t getting a fair go.

A sow that is kept on a concrete slab for most of her adult life, in a 60cm wide metal sow stall that stops her from moving freely or interacting with other pigs and which will probably cause her crippling physical and behavioural problems, isn’t getting a fair go.
A hen that is kept in a battery cage, where she is forced to stand on a wire floor smaller than an A4 sheet of paper, where she can’t even move around, stretch or flap her wings, and which will probably result in painful injuries and deformities to her feet and legs, isn’t getting a fair go.

All of these practices are cruel, and they are all unnecessary because viable alternatives are available.

I agree with the RSPCA that it is time Australia’s farm animals were treated with the consideration, kindness and compassion they deserve.

Like the RSPCA, I’m not opposed to the farming of animals but I do believe that for as long as they are in our care, we have an obligation to provide for, at least, their basic needs and ensure they are treated humanely.

Live exports must end. Battery hen farming must end. The use of sow stalls must end. And I support the RSPCA fully in their efforts to make these improvements to the welfare of farm animals a reality.

Yours sincerely,

The Undersigned.

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