#Human Rights
United Nations

As you properly know, there is an undemokratic dictatorship in Thailand, which will not let democracy come up. Many innocent people dying these days in the streets of Bangkok.

And the government reject to stop the shooting, and rather will take the responsibility for all their action, they also ignore and reject any compromise and appointment with the political opposition.

As you can see in all the independent international news, blogs, boards and You tube as well, there is enough proof an evidence for you to take some action.

The Thai government which is not elected by the people of Thailand, does not follow any international rules and regulations, including the Geneva Convention. They don't care about human rights or anything else.

Therefore, I would like you to take some strong action against this dictatorship, and if necessary to send blue helmed UN troups to Thailand to stop shooting of innocent people. Just do not believe the lies of Mr. Abhisit. He would never pass a polygraph test. We are pleading you in the name of humanity, stop the killing.

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