#Animal Rights
Head of government and interior minister

Since October 2017, two shooting raids of street dogs in the area frightened tourists and locals and indiscriminately killed and injured many dogs including ones that had been through an established TNR (Trap-Neuter-Release) program. Hunters were hired to shoot street dogs in front of tourists and locals, close (within meters) to residential areas. Instead of supporting the TNR program and working to together with animal aid associations, the local authorities kill vaccinated, neutered and tagged dogs resulting in population turnover and movement of new unknown, unvaccinated, unsterilised dogs into these areas, which, in turn, facilitate population growth and disease transmission.

We ask the government of Morocco to immediately STOP shooting or poisoning street dogs in Aourir/Tamraght and Taghazout since it is illegal and dangerous. Tourists are frightened and won't come back - this affects the economy in the area over the long term. Instead we ask you to support TNR programs to reduce the street dog population, and to find a peaceful long-term solution for the area.

Please sign this petition to show your opposition to the irresponsible and unmanaged methods of street dog population control in these areas.

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