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The President of South Africa
South Africa

Petition: Stop the Murder of Southern African Farmers!

Farmers are the back bone of the economy, yet in South Africa they are murdered on a daily basis. Since 1994, more than 3700 farmers have been brutally murdered in South Africa, and more than 40 000 suffered serious physical damage in South Africa alone.

Kommandos that were used to safeguard farmers prior to 1994 have been disbanded. This has to be rectified and a workable safety net improvised immediately. Bring back the Kommando units today!

The SA citizens pay taxes, which should be used to ensure their safety and survival. It is time for South Africa to put something back into the lives of the farmers that feed them.

The farmers in Zimbabwe have been driven off their land and massacred to a point where there is less than a handful is left. The nation is starving while their president is lavishing in luxury. This should be brought to trial at the International Court for Human Rights.

Those in power have the responsibility to address the imbalance of power and enforce restitution.

We, te undersigned, call on the South African Government to re-instate Kommando units to protect our Farmers.

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